Why Ron Paul has Hope


We are in a transition period right now where the attitudes are changing. But our views have been out there a long time, so we have to ask ourselves why we are seeing more success now among the young and many future leaders.

Part of this is just due to greater availability of ideas. The Internet certainly helps, and a lot of the credit must go to organizations like the Mises Institute that make the ideas of liberty more easily available to everyone. I also never imagined that my presidential campaigns would get the attention they did for our ideas. Our success in bringing new young people into the movement surpassed anything I thought was possible. But the reason we see more success for these ideas is not just because it’s easier to find them and read them. We are living in a time when people - especially young people - can see that the old ideas aren’t working any more.

The young generation has inherited a mess from the older generations, and the young can see that what they have been told isn’t true. It’s not true that you can just go to college, run up a bunch of student debt, and then get a good job. The young can see that the middle class is being destroyed by our current economic system. And they can see that our foreign policy is failing.

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