SWAN Partners, Spain, Press Release


SWAN Partners is appointed as Spanish author of Transfer Pricing and Tax Avoidance guideline, edited by Thomson Reuters.

SWAN Partners has been appointed as a Spanish Law Firm co-author of the new law publication “Transfer Pricing and Tax Avoidance”, edited by the prestigious Company Sweet & Maxwell, of Thomson Reuters Business Group, a lead Company in legal publishing matters.

Transfer Pricing and Tax avoidance is a cross-jurisdictional reference book covering over 30 jurisdiction.

Developed by SWAN Partners’ Tax Department, led by our Tax Partner, José Oltra, the Spanish chapter is split, according the structure of the publication, into various sections:

Part one, focused upon Transfer Pricing, is designed to give the reader the “up to the minute pulse” of what is the legislative framework that operates in Spanish jurisdiction; what are the national policy and administrative approaches to transfer pricing; case law – current and past; penalties; special or notable cases related to penalties and finally, national and relevant international dispute resolution mechanisms.

Likewise, part two is focused upon providing the reader with an overview of Tax Avoidance (and even more specifically, Abusive Tax Avoidance).  In order to help distinguish between legitimate tax avoidance plans or schemes, the first section identifies plans that remain valid as legitimate ways to minimize tax, defining abusive tax avoidance in the second section.

Finally, the third section deals with the legislative framework. That section is followed by a section on case law and following that a section on penalties and finally, a section on current trends. This last section covers current national policy and legal trends and how international policies have, in any way, effected or shaped each jurisdiction’s national policies.

SWAN Partners is really glad of being part of this important publication, which is created by reputed professionals in tax advice and transfer pricing fields around the world. Likewise, this engagement enforces the commitment of our Firm to render high quality services to our clients, with a technical and international approach.

Should you desire booking a copy of this publication, you can contact us or booking directly at Sweet&Maxwell webpage.

José Oltra, Tax Partner
SWAN Partners, Calle Colón, 20, 6-12, 46004 Valencia, Spain