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TaxPlanet wins International Tax Award

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TaxPlanet wins the 2014 AI International Tax Award for the best contribution to the field of tax, Switzerland.

Switzerland | Report on financial and tax matters

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In 2013, global competition for the best economic and financial framework further intensified. This is also challenging Switzerland with its financial market policy.

ECJ Ruling on Cross-Border Loss Relief in Mergers

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The ECJ has on 31 January 2013 in its preliminary ruling C-123/11 confirmed that the Finnish provisions restricting the transfer and utilisation of the tax losses of a non-Finnish subsidiary by its Finnish parent company in a cross-border merger scenario are, in principle, acceptable,

Switzerland | Tax Administrative Assistance Act comes into force

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The Swiss Federal Council resolved to bring the new Tax Administrative Assistance Act into force on 1 February 2013. No referendum was called. Consequently, group requests in accordance with the international standard will now be possible as well.

Finland | Interest Deduction Limitation Rules

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Earlier this year, the Finnish Ministry of Finance issued a draft bill to introduce interest deduction limitation rules in Finland, pursuant to which the deductibility of interest expenses on related-party loans would be limited to a maximum of 30% of EBITDA or EUR 500'000, while any non-deductible interest could be carried forward to future tax years.

Finland | Exchange of Shares between Finnish and EEA Companies benefits from tax-neutral Treatment

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According to the ruling by the ECJ on 19 July 2012, an exchange of shares between a Finnish limited liability company and a Norwegian company shall enjoy similar tax-neutral treatment as an exchange of shares between companies resident in the EU.

Switzerland | OECD standard for tax administrative assistance

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The OECD Council unanimously approved the amended commentary on Article 26 of the OECD Model Convention on tax administrative assistance. Group requests are now included in the standard. Switzerland's representative also accepted this amendment on behalf of the Federal Council.

Finland to Introduce Interest Deduction Limitation Rules

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The Finnish Ministry of Finance has recently prepared a draft bill, which, if enacted, will introduce entirely new interest deduction limitation rules in Finland.

Switzerland and Germany amend tax agreement

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Switzerland and the Federal Republic of Germany signed a Supplementary Protocol that supplements the tax agreement of 21 September 2011. The agreement is thus ready for parliamentary deliberation. It should enter into force at the start of 2013.

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