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TaxPlanet is a worldwide network of legal and accounting professionals specializing in tax, both at national and international levels.

Main objectives:

-   International cooperation
-   Exchange of information, knowledge and experiences
-   Improvements in quality and performance
-   Establishment of a strong joint market appearance
-   Other joint activities

International tax work without some form of international cooperation and mutual assistance is virtually impossible in our difficult and fast-changing world. Our goal is the establishment and operation of a well known worldwide pool of highly qualified independent tax advisors. Our focused and tailored approach enables the achievement of an optimal size, strength and worldwide coverage within a clearly defined and demarcated field of expertise, and thus also brings maximum exposure and value to every single tax advisor listed in the pool of experts.

Key features of the concept are the focus on a subject, the international scope, the lean and flat structures, the strong joint appearance in the global market, and the set-up as a highly flexible organization through relationships with some of the best tax advisors around the world.

The concept is simple, the task is not!

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