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The notice board is used to post current administrative messages, recent publications on tax and other professional issues, recent entries in the magazine, other postings, and recommended links.

Administrative messages
Recent publications on tax and other issues
Recent entries in the magazine
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Administrative messages
2014-11-22 Interested in a membership?  Read more ...
Recent publications on tax and other professional issues
2014-11-05    90% Regulation for non-resident Taxpayers working in the Netherlands (PDF)
2014-09-25    General understanding of Cyprus tax issues (PDF)
2014-09-25    Cyprus tax system, an overview (PDF)
2014-09-25    Cyprus yacht leasing scheme (PDF)
2014-09-24    Doing Business in Peru (PDF)
2014-09-23    Peru - Definition of 'Technical Assistance' for tax purposes
2014-02-17    Report on International Financial and Tax Matters
2013-10-31    Corporate Taxation in Switzerland - Case Studies (PDF)
2013-03-12    Recent tax developments in Switzerland
2013-03-01    Tax News Germany
2012-12-16    Tax Relief in Switzerland (PDF)
2012-09-20    Finland - Amendments to the proposed Interest Deduction Limitation Rules
2012-07-27    Finland - Exchange of Shares between Finnish and EEA Companies benefits from tax-neutral Treatment
2012-04-24    Finland to Introduce Interest Deduction Limitation Rules
2012-01-21    Credit Losses Remain Tax-Deductible When Enforcing Security Interest
2012-01-21    Changes to Corporate and Income Tax Rates and Treatment of Credit Losses
2011-10-03    Report on IFA Congress in Paris
2011-09-24    Italy approved new financial package
2011-08-22    Plea for a Multilateral Approach in the Judgments of the ECJ
2010-11-17    Finnish REIT's become reality
Recent entries in the magazine
2014-11-21    The Purchasing Power of Gold
2014-11-05    90% Regulation for Non-Residents working in the Netherlands
2014-09-23    Peru - Definition of 'Technical Assistance' for tax purposes
2014-07-25    Are we addicted to Failure?
2014-07-10    Finland - Cross-border hybrid Loans
2014-06-30    Highest-paid CEOs are the worst Performers
2014-06-06    How much more Upside is there?
2014-05-09    Finland - Holding based Management Incentive Schemes suffer a Blow
2014-04-22    The Keys to successful Investing
2014-03-04    TaxPlanet wins International Tax Award
2014-02-17    Switzerland - Report on financial and tax matters
2013-12-08    Ghost of 1929 re-appears
2013-12-06    Bubbles in several Housing Markets
2013-12-06    The Way the System works
2013-11-17    No Reason to fear Deflation
2013-11-11    The Fed-driven Erosion of the US Living Standard
2013-10-30    Tapering would be bad for the leveraged Rich
2013-10-23    How the Economic Machine works
2013-09-28    Inflation Numbers should be much higher
2013-08-09    Gold Markets Get Strange - Is Economic Danger Near?
2013-08-02    The rich are different - They don't retire
2013-07-22    Money Printing leads to a widening Wealth Gap
2013-07-15    Technical Analysis doesn't make much sense in rigged Markets
2013-07-12    Seth Klarman - Don't be a Yield Pig
2013-05-31    Stock Market Rally, Asset Bubbles & Crash
2013-04-10    S&P 500 and Margin Debt Level
2013-03-13    Creative Destruction
2013-03-05    ECJ Ruling on Cross-Border Loss Relief in Mergers
2013-02-03    Markets will punish Central Banks
2013-01-19    Switzerland - Tax Administrative Assistance Act comes into force
Other postings
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