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Add the TAX PLANET logo to your website
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A variety of Tax Planet logos are available to download on this page, just click on the code of the selected logo and save.

01  Logos (without footer)
02  Logos (with footer 1)
03  Logos (with footer 2)
03  Logos (with footer 3)
04  How to display the Logo on your website

All Logos in one zip-file: Click here

01  Logos (without footer)

Click on a code and save:    
Logo 050px Code 050
Logo 055px do 055
Logo 060px do 060
Logo 065px do 065
Logo 070px do 070
Logo 075px do 075
Logo 080px do 080
Logo 085px do 085
Logo 090px do 090
Logo 100px do 100
Logo 120px do 120
Logo 150px do 150
Logo 200px do 200
Logo 250px do 250
Logo 300px do 300
Logo 400px do 400

02  Logos (with footer 1)

Click on a code and save:        
Logo 075px Code 075L 075M 075R
Logo 080px do 080L 080M 080R
Logo 085px do 085L 085M 085R
Logo 090px do 090L 090M 090R
Logo 100px do 100L 100M 100R
L = Left  |  M = Middle  |  R = Right        

03  Logos (with footer 2)

Click on a code and save:        
Logo 075px Code 075UL 075UM 075UR
Logo 080px do 080UL 080UM 080UR
Logo 085px do 085UL 085UM 085UR
Logo 090px do 090UL 090UM 090UR
Logo 100px do 100UL 100UM 100UR
L = Left  |  M = Middle  |  R = Right        

04  Logos (with footer 3)

Click on a code and save:        
Logo 075px Code 075ML 075MM 075MR
Logo 080px do 080ML 080MM 080MR
Logo 085px do 085ML 085MM 085MR
Logo 090px do 090ML 090MM 090MR
Logo 100px do 100ML 100MM 100MR
L = Left  |  M = Middle  |  R = Right        

05  How to display the logo on your website
There are undoubtably many ways on how to put the Tax Planet logo on your website. However, one of the easiest ways to do it is to copy and paste the below HTML code at the place inside the code area of your website where you'd like to display it. The codes of the logos in the following two examples are 090 and 090MM, but can be any of the above codes, just replace 090 resp. 090MM by the code of the logo you wish.

a) Logo 090px, without footer (Code 090)
  <a href="">
<img src="" alt="Tax Planet" border="0"></a>
b) Logo 090px, with footer 3 (Code 090MM)
  <a href="">
<img src="" alt="Tax Planet" border="0"></a>

See how others have done it (examples):

Asec Group, Spain
Bahamas Law Chambers, Bahamas
Callamus Ltd, Greece
Lemaitre Taxperience, Germany
Martin Ruchti, Chartered Accountant, Switzerland
Birungyi, Barata & Associates, Uganda
Taxplan, Poland

If you need any help, please contact us using the link below:


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