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Due to the globalization and the effect of delocalization, cross-border transactions are on the rise. As such transactions inevitably have ties to more than one country, it is vital to deal with them in the big picture, considering┬áthe impact of all jurisdictions involved.

Tax laws and practices evolve through new judicial decisions, interpretations, and standards, and detailed up-to-date information is usually only available in local languages. This is why international tax work also requires sophisticated skills in modern methods of information sourcing (e.g. web research) and new ways of cooperation.

TaxPlanet is able to assemble international teams of independent tax professionals, the pool of experts currently consists of some of the best tax advisors from more than 35 countries. The combined knowledge allows to deal with and to advise on domestic and international tax issues around the world, such as:

-   International business and investment structures
-   Cross-border transactions
-   Estate planning with trusts, foundations and portfolio companies
-   Overseas assignments
-   Living and retirement abroad
-   Other issues

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