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Ayman Kamel
Ayman Kamel, Tax Advisor, Egypt
Location: Egypt
Languages: English, French, Arabic
Education: Graduated from the faculty of Commerce, Cairo University, Major Accounting. Besides working at Fathy Kamel & Co from the date of his graduation, Dr. Kamel continues studying until he holds his MBA in finance and finally his PhD in tax and public finance.
Experience: As a Managing partner at Fathy Kamel & Co with more than twenty five years of experience, Dr. Kamel has an ultimate oversight responsibility for all aspects of the office including tax, audit, and consulting. He has worked with a wide variety of large domestic and international clients in many industries, a number of these assignments have been for quoted companies. He is providing council to potential investors on potential business opportunities, optimal company structure and supervision of the procedures taken to incorporate the company. He has extensive knowledge with the Egyptian laws and regulations.
Practice Areas: Dr. Kamel is providing the following services: Tax compliance, Tax planning, Tax Advisory, Tax Audit, International Tax,Tax Investigations,Tax Disputes and litigation support,Research Credit and incentives,Social Security Compliance & companies formation. And his sevices include: Income Tax (Corporate Tax, Individual Tax, Employment Tax, Withholding Tax) Sales Tax, Stamp tax, Real estate Tax, Social Security & companies law advisory.
Memberships and Industry Involvment: Fellow of the Egyptian Fiscal Association, Fellow of the Egyptian Association of Public Finance and Taxes, Fellow of the Egyptian Association of Public Accountants, Fellow of the Arab Association of Accountants and Auditors, Registered as Chartered Accountant by the Ministry of Finance, Registered to audit Joint Stock Company by the Ministry of Finance, Registered as Auditor by the Capital Market Authority, Registered as Auditor by the Central Bank of Egypt, Registered as Auditor by the Governmental Central Auditing Organization.
Other: Dr. Kamel has spoken at several high-profile conferences on tax system and tax laws in Egypt and has published numerous research papers concerning investment and tax matters. His tax researches are published in fiscal magazines.
Fathy Kamel & Co
2 Marouf St., Down Town, Cairo, 11111, Egypt
Direct Phone +20 1094 061 013, Direct Fax +20 2 2574 1425, Mobile +20 1222 155 747

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