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Niklas Thibblin - Publications
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2017-12-05 Finland, Corporate Tax Guide 2018
2017-05-28 Fund structures face concerns on interest deductibility
2016-05-29 Finland - Management of unregulated investment funds does not qualify for VAT exemption
2015-02-07 US-based Investment Funds may recover Finnish Withholding Taxes
2014-07-10 Finland - Cross-border hybrid Loans
2014-05-09 Finland - Holding based Management Incentive Schemes suffer a Blow
2013-03-05 ECJ Ruling on Cross-Border Loss Relief in Mergers
2012-09-20 Finland - Amendments to the proposed Interest Deduction Limitation Rules
2012-09-20 Finland - Interest Deduction Limitation Rules
2012-07-27 Finland - Exchange of Shares between Finnish and EEA Companies benefits from tax-neutral Treatment
2012-04-24 Finland to Introduce Interest Deduction Limitation Rules
2012-01-25 Credit Losses Remain Tax-Deductible When Enforcing Security Interest
2012-01-25 Changes to Corporate and Income Tax Rates and Treatment of Credit Losses
2010-11-17 Finnish REIT's become reality
2010-04-08 Cross-Border dividends involving Luxembourg Sicavs
2010-03-31 Losses deductible in certain private equite structures
2010-03-31 Partial demerger as an effective tax planning tool
2008-08-31 Losses non-deductible in private equity structures

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